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Re: [IPk] metres, testing etc

> In my experience telling people to test less frequently is in response to
> people saying that they have sore fingers, no time,  and various other
> excuses for not wanting to test frequently or sometimes rationally.  In
> interests of maintaining a rapport with the person its sometimes helpful
> suggest less testing (as they feel you are listening to them rather than
> dictating) and then to educate as much as possible so that they understand
> the rationale behind the testing. During this time obviously the main
> emphasis is testing more frequently when they are feeling low or unwell.

An interesting point. I saw someoen in his 30s with MDI ( novorapid/
insulalatard) and A1c i n high 8s. Recent vitreous surgery and quite
significant retinopathy: only just legally able to drive
testing 4x/ day. Letter from SHO read ( he complains of sore fingers. He is
testing 4/5 times day even though he is on the same dose of insulin. I have
advised him to cut down to 4 to 5 times per week over the next month)
I could read this as " fair enough" give his fingers a rest and return to
more frequent testing/ learn to make more meaningful adjustments and work on
control in 1 months time, of course not neglecting to test before driving
 despite highish A1c hypos were not infrequent). If not making adjustments
then I suppose the use of frequent testing is limited
But I think it was a bit of a cop out. What would have changed in the next
month to make control any better? perhaps less stress or recovery from an
infection: can't think of anyother factors. Nothing useful was planned like
splitting dose of insulataard or learining carb counting
(He continued to test quite regularly and began to "top up" when BGs were
really high , which I suppose is at least a start)_
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