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Re: [IPk] MDI - varying short acting amounts?

> DUK rep here. She started on about DAFNE and how terrible it was! She is a
> firm believer in two injections a day and a rigid diet. She was absolutely
> horrified that she'd been to a recent DUK conference and they had Sticky
> toffee pudding on the menu! Apparently, she had complained about this as
> was 'innappropriate'!!!!!!!!! She is dead against pumps, which is a pity
as I
> was hoping to get some support from the local group (albeit just run for
> parents and children with diabetes now). Her husband has had type 1 for
> years, so have her children (all grown up now)!

I just wonder whether she has T 1 as well, and whether her children are
still on the twice daily regimen. She's not even the person with DM. She
certainly seems to be stuck in the 1970s re diabetes management. You should
complain about her. What is so wonderful about 2 inj per day? the sort of
person who likes this regimen must be incredibley anally retentive, being
prepared to stick to exactly the same routine everyday. I imagine her
children must have rebelled and landed in trouble becasue of this eg by
reducing insulin and running high for much of the day so they could eat
lucnh with friends rather than exactly 12.30.
Someone should tell her to get a life. What if her husbands high after
breakfast but low before evening meal and doesn't want smaller breakfast or
larger lunch?

 As far as I am concerned there is more scope to tighten control with MDI
over injections but just as important reason is more lifestyle flexibility.
As far as I'm concerned any doctor who advocates the old system or ecpects
patients to have x y z at x am, y and x pm is guilty of human rights abuse.
There are still some in existence who belive that pateints can be " bought"
with a few syringes or pen needles, a vial of mixtard ( or glargine) and
 sometimes inadequate quantities of) strips ie becasue the NHS is providing
the minimal level of care then that person is now a statisitc/ an A1c and
their body and mind is owned by the NHS
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