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Re: [IPk] metres, testing etc

The advice to do less testing was clearly not a clever device on the part of 
Graham's diabetes care team to get him to test more, or he would not have 
been congratulated in return for doing so few tests. Sounds a rather 
perverse, potentially very dangerous mind-game to pretend it's 'opposite 
day' with a patient--some are so convinced that their doctors know better 
than they do that 'medical advice' to drink bleach would be answered with 
the question, 'Should I dilute it or drink it neat?'

If someone said to me 10 years ago that I didn't need to take my insulin in 
order to bring me to the realisation, via DKA and hospitalisation, that I 
DID need it, I would have socked him or her. Hard. Patients don't need to be 
lied to or manipulated, they need straight talk, compassion, and not to be 
condescended to.

Non-compliance in light of insufficient education is NOT the same as the 
educated decision to feel terrible all the time for the sake of not looking 
'diabetic'. Pat Reynolds's interest in the material culture of disability 
comes to mind here--once we get over the idea of carrying around a meter all 
the time and understand why it's a good idea to do so, it's a short step to 
testing anywhere we can stand still enough to do it, IF we have been given 
the education to make the testing worth it.

[going to get dressed and race off to the University Church now--catch y'all 
later. Threat or promise? You decide ;) ]

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