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Re: [IPk] MDI - varying short acting amounts?

Exactly! It just infuriates me that I keep getting asked the same 
questions...sometimes, as for insurance, etc., I just tell them 10 units 
glargine, 12 units humalog breakfast, 8 units humalog lunch, then 10 units 
supper, just to shut them up! Otherwise I end up spending an hour or so 
filling in more forms and banging my head against a brick wall! The most 
irritating thing that happened recently, though, was I bumped into the local 
DUK rep here. She started on about DAFNE and how terrible it was! She is a 
firm believer in two injections a day and a rigid diet. She was absolutely 
horrified that she'd been to a recent DUK conference and they had Sticky 
toffee pudding on the menu! Apparently, she had complained about this as it 
was 'innappropriate'!!!!!!!!! She is dead against pumps, which is a pity as I 
was hoping to get some support from the local group (albeit just run for 
parents and children with diabetes now). Her husband has had type 1 for many 
years, so have her children (all grown up now)! 
Unfortunately, though, this does seem to be an attitude that still abounds 
for some reason in this area. May be because we are at the end of a 45 mile 
cul de sac we're cut off from the rest of the world!LOL
Helen...getting it off her chest!
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