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[IPk] testing

some authorities would argue that 1. you can't do anything about erratic BG
or 2, too frequent testing leads to "chasing" high BGs resulting in hypos. I
actually read a clinic letter from about 4 years ago about a patient who was
unahppy on mdi ( conventional 4x per day with actrapid and NHP or lente). the
consultant dictating the letter stated that some of her problems may be
arising from her chasing her results and that she may do better on a twice
daily pre mix as this" often engenders more discipline anyway"
It  certainly engenders loss of freedom and autonomy and subordination of
one's whole life to diabetes. But this is what some see as " compliance" .
Obviously doesn't occur to the powers that be that they are not empowering the
individual  to make appropriate adjustments based on the whole host of factors
that can affect BG. Would they be prepared to have breakfast at 8 luch at
12.30 and evening meal at 6 for the rest of their life. They probably wouldn't
even be home form work by then. why should a patient be expected to comply to
such an unreasonable and unremitting regime. Let alone not being able to lower
a high BG for hours or deal with hypos at one specific time without causing
hypers at others
I know I'm shouting at the converted here

Testing is only effective if you know what to do with the results. The 2 great
crimes are 1. not encouraging testing and 2. not teaching people how to act on
the results
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