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[IPk] MDI - varying short acting amounts?

This is just something that I thought I'd ask about as there may be a bit of 
experience on here. I have been on MDI for many years now (can't remember how 
long, but 15 +). Whenever I have to have any hospital appt or 
tests/procedures or at my diabetes appt or even for travel/vehicle insurance 
purposes, they always ask me about levels of insulin I am currently taking, 
how often I inject, etc. I always start by telling them the amount of 
glargine, currently 10 units, taken at night. Then I tell them about the 
short acting (Humalog now, as Novorapid wasn't working for me). Of course, I 
give myself an injection before every meal. But I also do lots of BG testing 
at various intervals throughout the day and test before every meal as well. 
So, the amount of insulin I give before a meal can vary, especially if the 
meal is not as high in carbs as say the same meal the day before, etc. Plus, 
if I have highs during the day, which often happens, then I give myself a 
shot to counteract that. My other illneses have a bearing on my control, too. 
The thing is, this is always met with astonishment and often horror! 
According to the norm, I should be taking x amount at bedtime then x, y and z 
during the day, no variations. But for me, life is just not like that! 
Sometimes I am not that hungry and want a smaller meal, other times maybe I 
feel like something more. My BG's may be low or high directly before a meal. 
I have always carb counted. It comes as second nature now. 
What I would like to know is, I've always been made to feel that it's only me 
who 'runs' my diabetes like this. It's unheard of! Does anyone else, 
pre-pump, use this method? I'm fed up of being put on the spot when asked 
about this and being made to feel I'm doing something wrong! Of course, the 
fact I have to do this to try and keep controlled should be another string in 
my bow for the argument for a pump, as surely this is how a pump is 
Thanks..feeling a bit of a freak!
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