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Re: [IPk] metres, testing etc

Dear Graham,

I am certainly horrified that, as a type 1 on MDI, you were advised to test 
only once per day. When I was on 'conventional' (2 injections/day) therapy 9 
years ago, my DSN would not have me do fewer than 4 tests/day. The patterns 
detectable in that number of tests that led me to MDI (with 5 tests/day on 
average) and then to a pump (with 6-7 tests/day on average). It's only with 
so many tests that I can know a) what my body is doing at the moment and b) 
whether my basal and bolus amounts are appropriate. How else, other than by 
developing psychic powers (unlikely by now) am I going to keep from putting 
myself in an early grave?

Who is your DSN and at what hospital do you see him/her? E-mail me off-list 
if you wish. I am willing to help you if you want to ruffle enough feathers 
to require him/her to get better (i.e., _any_) training or have relevant 
licences/certifications revoked.

I don't take crap from anybody and I don't make idle threats; I don't 
believe any one else should do either. Yeah, that sounds militant--but why 
shouldn't it? We are not talking about inconsequential things, we are 
discussing matters of life and death. I am always more eloquent and less 
confrontational than above when I actually lodge complaints and make 
requests, but I don't believe in beating about the bush for longer than 10 
minutes (both the bush and I get pretty tuckered out).

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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