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Re: [IPk] metres, testing etc

Hi Abigail,

This might horrify you, but I have been repeatedly told by doctor at my
clinic that, once you are settled on MDI, you only have to test once a day,
but that you should test at different times each day.

As a result, I confess that when I first started reading about the number of
blood tests you should do if you were on a pump I was almost put off. Then I
sat back and thought about it. All of a sudden a word that had been used
down through the years when I'd been given my HbA1c results jumped into my
mind: average! Of course - an average is only as good as the blood sugar
levels. And highs can be offset by lows - but if you only test once a day
you don't know about the highs and lows unless they are so high/so low that
you feel bad.

So I started to follow your example. For the last couple of months I've been
testing 4-6 times a day (and during the night, twice a week). From being
complemented on my HBA1c tests, I now see quite widely fluctuating blood
sugar levels and, possibly, some degree of dawn phenomenan.

You are so right. Multiple testing is so important. I only hope that, once I
get my pump and have got used to it, I find I can adjust my basals and
boluses as well as so many of you can and manage to get good, tight control.

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> I kno  pumps give a reason for ( ability to tailor insulin more accurately
> than any other method to individual requirements) and a necessity ( more
> DKA if missed), more frequent testing. But  there are several concerns
> some people have had strips restricted by GPs and only had the amount
> reinstated after a fight ( presumably using the above points as argument)
> Secondly some people with out DM view pump as being harder and injections
> easier due to the suppose need for less testing on the latter. I'm sure
> all agree here that some people can lead successful and flexible lives
> good control, minimal hypos and mealtime/ activity flexibility on MDI with
> multiple testing. And even those who are struggling on MDI but don't want
> can't afford a pump can minimise harm by frequent testing to decide
whether a
> snack or  a bolus or more activity/less carb is needed. But the multiple
> testing is a necessity if youwant to lead a healthy, normal and safe life.
> concern is that those on MDI who are either quite happy or can't afford or
> funding for a pump may get discouraged from adequate monitoting or even
> strips denied. I am sure everyone here would agree with me . One point
> really bugged me a few months ago was a friend saying MDI ( glargine) is
> easier than a pump becasue you don't have to test 4 times per day, and I
> this is belittling the issues faced by us on a daily basis
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