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[IPk] metres, testing etc

I kno  pumps give a reason for ( ability to tailor insulin more accurately
than any other method to individual requirements) and a necessity ( more rapid
DKA if missed), more frequent testing. But  there are several concerns here.
some people have had strips restricted by GPs and only had the amount
reinstated after a fight ( presumably using the above points as argument)
Secondly some people with out DM view pump as being harder and injections as
easier due to the suppose need for less testing on the latter. I'm sure we'd
all agree here that some people can lead successful and flexible lives with
good control, minimal hypos and mealtime/ activity flexibility on MDI with
multiple testing. And even those who are struggling on MDI but don't want or
can't afford a pump can minimise harm by frequent testing to decide whether a
snack or  a bolus or more activity/less carb is needed. But the multiple
testing is a necessity if youwant to lead a healthy, normal and safe life. My
concern is that those on MDI who are either quite happy or can't afford or get
funding for a pump may get discouraged from adequate monitoting or even have
strips denied. I am sure everyone here would agree with me . One point that
really bugged me a few months ago was a friend saying MDI ( glargine) is
easier than a pump becasue you don't have to test 4 times per day, and I feel
this is belittling the issues faced by us on a daily basis
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