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RE: [IPk] Blood Glucose Meters

Hi Graham

I wasn't looking forward to that aspect, either, but now it's second nature.
It's good to see the good results coming up, and usually so easy to bring
things back into line if you are off target.

I use a Therasense Freestyle.  It needs the smallest blood sample of any meter
available in the UK, and is very accurate.  I only use it on my finger tips,
for accuracy, but it can be used on your forearm, too.

My fingers got a bit sore initially, but they soon hardened up to the new

I used to use a Glucometer Esprit, with 10 test strips preloaded.  I missed
this facility initially, but its not a problem any more.  The pot for the
Freestyle test sensors is only about an inch long.


IDDM 34 years, D Tron since Sept 02.

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General advice and suggections would be appreciated, as would your
recommendations. What blood glucose meters you have tried? Which do you like?
And, importantly, which don't you like?

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