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[IPk] Blood Glucose Meters


Until yesterday I was using the Roche Accu-chek Active, which I have found
very good (exchanged once in almost 2 years), but I am now testing the
Therasense "FreeStyle", on its claim to fame, about using the smallest
amount of blood for testing! Now seeing as most people using a pump have to
test more often, it would be great not to have to try and push blood out.
The other possible great option is that you can use blood from other parts
of your body, not just fingers, i.e. fore-arm. This seems a good idea in
principle, again because of the amount of testing required.

Lets just hope that the trial I took part in a few years back, in regards to
"non-evasive" glucose testing become a reality soon!


D-Tron plus 3 1/2 years

Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 05:01:39 -0800
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPk] Blood Glucose Meters

Hi everybody,

 If you have been able to read my recent e-mails you will know that my
consultant has agreed to put me on to an insulin pump. Now that the initial
euphoria has died down I have realised that I'll be testing my blood glucose
levels more often. I currently use an Accu-Chek Advantage, which I really
However, as I'm going to be testing when I'm "out and about" more, I am
wondering if I should buy another one which is more compact?

 General advice and suggections would be appreciated, as would your
recommendations. What blood glucose meters you have tried? Which do you
And, importantly, which don't you like?

Many thanks,

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