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[IPk] metres

I'm relatively ne w to metres as up to 3 yrs ago  was"eyeballing" the BM 1-44,
visual strips. messy, time consuming and inaccurate. Then just prior to
pumping got a glucometer 4 ( a bit clunky and old fashioned looking, quite a
large blob of blood needed and lost it's accuracy)
had pocketscan next and upgraded ( free) to one touch ultra when the lid to
the battery compartment got broken. compact ,result in 5 secs, easy to use and
control solution provided( although I suspect all metres have this now- if
they don't I wouldn't choose them personally as my BGs were much higher than I
thought with the glucometer 4) Always helpful over phone : had a problem with
pocket scan once as control solution was giving high readings. They sent new
strips and control solution: turned out the control solution was inaccurate. I
would always recommend having a spare metre the same as the usual one so you
don't end up lumbered with a load of strips you can't use. This is inexpensive
if you can get a freebie from your diabetes nurse
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