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Re: [IPk] Blood Glucose Meters

I use a medisense optium meter. It has several advantages. Firstly like 
many meters currently available it stores stacks of readings with date and 
time. Secondly you can get hold of strips (if you call medisense they send 
them and they are free) to test ketones as well as BG. Whilst I don't use 
this very often ketone levels in blood rise sooner than ketone levels in 
urine so theoretically you can pick up problems sooner (as far as I'm aware 
the Medisense Optium meter is the only meter to have this feature). It also 
takes AAA batteries (mine have lasted over 2 years) which is convenient. 
It's never broken. Medisense have always been helpful when I've called them 
(e.g. replace worn out lancing devices swiftly etc). It is completely 
silent and easy to use discretely (takes 20s). I did drop my meter in the 
snow and it took a few hours to recover after that but had no other 
problems with it (and as far as I'm aware there are no water proof 
meters!). It's not a tiny meter and the case it comes with is quite big. I 
tend to wrap a hair band round the meter, some test strips and the lancing 
devices and just keep it in my pocket. It seems to be pretty robust. I 
quite like the ones which carry several strips inside them. However, the 
main reason I got the Optium was the ketone testing feature.

Think the most important thing is to be happy with your meter. If there are 
no huge problems with the Accu-Check I'd stick with it. Or even better try 
carrying it everywhere for a week and see how you get on! Hope that helps

IDDM 6+ years, Pumper 3months

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> Hi everybody,
>  If you have been able to read my recent e-mails you will know that my 
> consultant has agreed to put me on to an insulin pump. Now that the 
> initial euphoria has died down I have realised that I'll be testing my 
> blood glucose levels more often. I currently use an Accu-Chek Advantage, 
> which I really like. However, as I'm going to be testing when I'm "out 
> and about" more, I am wondering if I should buy another one which is more 
> compact?
>  General advice and suggections would be appreciated, as would your 
> recommendations. What blood glucose meters you have tried? Which do you 
> like? And, importantly, which don't you like?
> Many thanks,
> Graham
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