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Re: [IPk] Which Pump? Which infusion set? Any Tips?

Hiya Graham,

I use a D-tron plus - having graduated from an H-tron to the D-tron and now
just been upgraded.  The beauty of the D-tron pumps is that they take
penfills (and you don't have to faff about filling the reservoir each time).
I didn't realise how much doing this infuriated me until I didn't have to
any more...

I swap insertion sets regularly as I find I get problems with absorbtion
from my multiple stretch marks!  I am currently using Disetronic classics
(they look fearsome, but are actually very comfortable) and I hold them in
with Hypofix.  They are also the cheapest insertion sets on the market I
think...  I am sure that the pump companies would let you have sample sets
if you ask.

Have fun!

Kate Clapham
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