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Re: [IPk] (Partial) Success

go see your M P  AND MAKE A FUSS    VIC
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Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 11:35 AM
Subject: [IPk] (Partial) Success

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>  You may recall that I wrote some time ago to let you know I had been
> down for a pump.
>  Following the advice may of you sent (thank you all so much) I wrote back
to my
> consultant and got a reply this morning. He is prepared to give me the
>  Now for the downside. "Unfortunately, at the present time, there is no
> for pumps." Although NICE guidelines don't apply in Scotland, there is an
> equivalent body and they fully supported NICE's recommendations. So it
looks as
> if - just like so many of you - I have kicked door 1 down (got agreement
to use
> a pump) and now have to start on door 2 (re. funding). Any suggestions?
>  Thanks again for all your comments and support following my previous
e-mail. As
> a reward I am going to let you indulge yourselves a bit. I am posting a
> e-mail entitled "Which Pump? Which infusion set?" asking for your tips for
> prospective new user. Indulge and enjoy!
> Graham
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