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Re: [IPk] Testing bg;s as an in patient

Carmel -

If you remember, last September I was a seriously ill in-patient for 6
weeks in Freiburg, Germany. Once we discovered how ill I was, my wife and I
made the decision that we would let the hospital have total control of my
diabetes. With me in and out of conciousness, it was impractical for me to
run the diabetes. They tested my BG on their meters when they wanted to,
and they decided how much of what insulin I should have.

There is great logic in hospitals insisting that only their own equipment
is used in essential treatment. If my meter gave an incorrect reading - say
it read normal, when in fact I was seriously hypo - leading to a medical
disaster, should the hospital take responsibility - when it wasn't their
own calibrated meter that had been used? I've used my own meter(s) at home
for years, but do I really know how accurate it is? I've even used the
calibrating solutions that they provide, but those cover a very wide range
of readings.

Anyhow, that was my recent experience.


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