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[IPk] Which Pump? Which infusion set? Any Tips?

Hi everybody,

 You will know from my previous e-mail today {(Partial) Success} that I am on my
way to becoming an insulin pumper. I would like to give all you pumpers the
opportunity to indulge yourselves.

 I'm sure I will get lots of good advice and suggestions from my Diabetes
Clinic, but you are the folks at the sharp end (sorry - I've just realised the
terrible, and unintentional, pun). Can you give me some advice on the following:

 Which pump do you use, and why? What are its good points? What don't you like
about it?

Have you used another pump? Why did you stop using it?

 What infusion set do you use? Have you ever used another one? If so, why did
you change?

 What tips and advice (pros and cons, please) would you give to someone who is
about to become an insulin pumper?

All contributions will be gratefully received.

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