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Re: [IPk] Testing bg;s as an in patient

I have been an in patient on many occasions (various medical 
conditions/procedures) as well as being in hospital for a C/S when I had my 
daughter. In the recent past, I have always been allowed to self test where 
possible and have been given the choice of using the iether the hopspital 
machine or my own. Obviously, if I was incapable of testing (too ill or under 
aneasthesia/sedation) the hopital would test. I say in the recent past as 
there have been times, more than say 10 yrs ago, that I was not allowed to 
take nay part in my own care. This seems to have largely finished now, 
thankfully. In fact, in our hospitals, patiens are encouraged to take care of 
their own medical conditions/medication, etc., with bedside locking cabinets 
being provided to keep medications in.
The only really bad experience was when I was in for my c/s. I had worked on 
the maternity ward for many yrs previously to this and was well experienced 
in care of patients with diabetes as well as being in complete control of my 
own diabtetes. I knew that as soon as the placenta was delivered, my insulin 
requirements would drop dramatically, in fact to what they were pre-pregnancy 
(Mine had risen a lot during pregnancy and I had gone from using around 10 
units long acting insulin to using 55 untis). The midwives and the 
obstetricians were aware of this too. But...as soon as the baby was 
delivered, my medical (ie diabetes) care was passed over to the medical 
registrars. And to say they made a complete hash of the whole thing was an 
understatement! I returned to the ward, after an epidural, and my BG dropped 
suddenly. I became very ill very quickly. The midwives called the medical 
docs to get them to authorise a drop in insulin. (I was on the a sliding 
scale). They refused! I was taken to an intensive care bed in the unit. My 
BG's continued to drop. I continued to be too ill to do anything. I remember 
distinctly the midwife at the time basically telling the medical doc,(who was 
moaning, can you believe, about being called out yet again, during the early 
hours, to adminsiter intravenous glucose to me), that she would call him out 
every time I was ill and he would be held responsible for any long standing 
effects. He eventually allowed me to say that I wanted my insulin to drop, 
but finished with the words, 'On your head be it'!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I 
made a rapid recovery thereafter! 
I think it depends, (here, anyway) on the individual doctor concerned as to 
whether you control your own needs or not. )ie, whether they have a God 
complex, as this one had)!
One thing, though, thayt does irritate me, is that although the general 
opinion is that I can manage my own BG's, insulin, etc, I cannot manage my 
own diet. It's always insited that a 'Diabetic' sticker is stuck onto my 
menu. This means I get foods with a low carbohydrate content and cannot have 
anything with sugar in at all. I always have to beg, steal and borrow more 
CHO to go with my meals. The diabetes stickers are for those with type 2 and 
who are on diet alone. But the hospital seems to have trouble distinguishing 
between the two at the moment. 
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