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Re: [IPk] Testing bg;s as an in patient

Hi Carmel
I would not be so bothered about having to use the hospital equipment if it
was calibrated regularly and reliable(btw I checked my BGs with the ward
glucometer 4 and on 2 different strips or machines got readings of 13 then
20. - I checked my bolus history and lo and behold had omitted my breakfast
bolus!, THe discrepancy was a worry but I did not have my own meter with me
and decided the 20 was more likely having had bowl of cereal and bagel for
breakfast. )
I would be more concerned if I wasn't allowed to check my own BG and act on
the results even if I was using the hospital machine, or I hadn't been shown
how to use the hospital machine properly or it was showing huge discepancies
between different readings as above or a big discrepancy with my meter
 also a one touch ultra and checked with control solution  every 4 to 6 days
when I open a new 25 pack of strips)
i think the real problem is having to cope with a machine you are not used
to when staff do not have the time or knowledge to show you how to use it.
On the gynae ward I worked in as an SHO they had recently upgraded the
meters and only nurses trained how to do so could calibrate them ( with a
test strip or control solution- I can't remember which)There was a notice
saying that if the machine wasn't calibrated at x interval it would be
removed from the ward. I am not sure what the policy was here on patients
testing with th eir own equipment or self treating. I do believe that all
nurses and healthcare assistants should be trained in glucometer use. It is
basic care!
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