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RE: [IPk] Testing bg;s as an in patient

 We always use our own blood testing equipment. Sasha aged 8. The nurses will
use ours too if they need
 to test in the night. Though they usually wake me up anyway. We always keep our
insulin with us too and
 the Doctors confer with us about doses. We must have been in and out of
hospital at least 8 times since
 diagnosis. Tummy bugs, flu type illnesses, etc, coeliac biopsy, which was at a
different hospital.

Mum of Sasha

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> I wonder if anyone can help either as a person who has had experience of
> testing their own bgs in hospital or as a medic/diabetic. I was recently
> caring for a laady in labour who was gestational diabetic who was being
> treated with insulin. She required large doses ie 24 hr total 130-150 units
> so in labour she needed a sliding scale of insulin which was altered every
> hr according to her bg result. She was conscious and not using any pain
> relief that might cloud her judgement. She was using a lifescan ultra
> machine provided by the hospital and was running out of testing strips so I
> tried to order some from pharmacy. what a surprise they don't stock them. I
> then tried to contact the super friendly totally approachale DSN. I am still
> reeling from the response!
> quote  Inpatients are not allowed to use their own blood testing equipment
> we have to use the Glucometer 4s which are callibrated by the biochemist.
> (the results were the same or 0.1 mmols out compared to the Ultra that she
> had given to the patient to use during her pregnancy and she was advising to
> adjust her insulin according to those results) The fear being that we could
> be sued for giving the wrong dose of insulin or whatever > I won't go any
> further into the argument but she definately had not read the NSF for
> diabetic people and empowering them. I am taking it further but want to hear
> of other people's experiences. We need to be flexible and I want to ensure
> that happens You can e-mail me off list if you would prefer but I would be
> grateful forany opinions either way as personally I have always used my own
> equipment when hospitalised pregnant or not CARMEL
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