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Re: [IPk] Paradigm Batteries etc

a week??????
that's a major disadvantage in my opinion, since I get a good 6-8 weeks out
of the old 508 batteries. And they're a lot bigger to carry around spares!
How much warning do you get before they totally die? At the moment I can
still get a good 4+ days out of my batteries after the low battery warning,
which means that even if I go away for the weekend I don't need to take
spare batteries (though I almost always have a spare set with me anyway).
Then again, with only 20% discount on my 3 year old pump, I won't be
switching to the Paradigm anyway till my old 508 dies, even if it is a lot

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Subject: [IPk] Paradigm Batteries etc

> Hello Pumpers
>  The AAA batteries used in the Paradigm pump last for approximately one
> (this varies depending on how you use your pump, i.e. remote, vibrate vs
> total daily dose). MiniMed also sell the AAA batteries so if you are
funded by
> your PCT you can still order these through Medtronic.
>  The USA is not offering an upgrade programme for it's 508's. However in
the UK,
> there is a the following upgrade programme:
> Less than 1 year 40% discount
> Less than 2 years old 30% discount
> Less than 3 years old 20% discount
> Less than 4 years old 10% discount
> Upgrade of any Medtronic MiniMed pump
> or other make of pump 5% discount
>  In order to qualify for the upgrade you must return your 508 to Medtronic
> MiniMed after you have received your Paradigm.
>  If you'd like some information about the Paradigm sent out to you please
> contact us via email on
> Email: email @ redacted
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