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Hi Donald
People tell me that I either become very quiet and kind of spaced out when 
I'm hypo, or I get very aggressive (or both). For example, when I'm dancing, 
which is when I sometimes get hypo and don't realise, I tend to get annoyed 
with my dance partner for no reason, or with the teacher. Or I go and sit in 
a corner and either don't reply or snap at anyone who comes near. I once did 
that and told my dance teacher to f*** off when he came to see if I was OK! 
Luckily he realised that it was completely out of character for me and I 
apologised the next day when I discovered what had happened, and he was fine 
about it!
Some people find it quite scary to see someone hypo, because it really looks 
as if we are on another planet sometimes. I also tend to go very pale and my 
eyes glaze over apparently. 
hope that helps
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