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Lists of symptoms of hypos can be found in almost all books on type 1.  If you
do not have a couple of books on type 1 already, you might find the American
Diabetes Association's website helpful (http://www.diabetes.org).
Amazon.co.uk or Borders (if you have one near you) should be able to get you a
book even if it's not available widely in the UK.

As for how others may perceive hypos: my parents have told me they can tell
I'm getting low when I suddenly get cranky, impatient, distracted, indecisive,
or whiny, and I may not complete my sentences (I start a sentence and then
trail off).  Generally I am not fun to be around when I need some carbs!
Most people, even those without diabetes, do get a bit unpleasant to talk to
when they need food.  A lot of (non-diabetic) people I've met who don't eat
breakfast say they're grumpy until lunch and they never can figure out why.

Is that at all useful?

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