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Hi everyone.
Its me again, Donald
I am looking for some information that can only come from folks like us
What I need to know is somewhat hard for us to answer ourselves; well I find
it hard to.
How do others see us when we have a Diabetic hypos reactions, I dont mean
when we blackout.
As an example:  I had one a long time ago it was on a Sunday and I was at a
friends home waiting for lunch, I did not realise that I was going in to a
hypo and I went back to my flat to get a bottle of wine.
The next thing I remembered was that I was back in my friends home on their
bed and they were sitting next to me with a glass of orange juice in their
They told me (and this is the information I am looking for) I started to get
over friendly with my friends wife and then I changed and I got aggressive
about the roast potatos that were on the table.
Dont ask me what was going on in my head but my friends understood, I
apologized after they told me how I was reacting.
Do we all react the same way, I am sure that we dont!
I did get just a small bit of info from a web sit and all that said was:
confused rather than unconscious, but what do they mean by confused?
Do you know of a web site that has this information on it?
And a dictionary explanation was:
hypoglycaemia [h?po gli s?mi ?] noun
too little blood sugar:the medical condition of having an abnormally low
level of sugar in the blood.
US term  hypoglycemia[1]
This dose not tell me much.
I am hoping to compile this information not only to possibly let the
diabetic societies now how others see us at times like this, but also for my
personal benefit.
And I will not be using my name or anyones
Please find a little time and just send me the reaction that others see and
not a store of how you got in to the hypo.
Best regards and look after yourselves: Donald

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