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[IPk] NO DELIVERY for Donald/Bubble's

Dear All

Today Saturday my nephew came up to London to see me.

He live on McDonaldS, so we went to the nearest one to me in Docklands.

I am sorry to say but I too love their Big Mac. and that's what I chose.

because of the last time i had one and didn't give enough insulin for it,
this time I gave myself 10 units and I really enjoyed the meal.

On the way back to my flat I heard a mobile phone ringing thought it was
Clay's phone and he then said is that you, I looked and yes the pump was
bleeping I didn't know what to do it said on the screen,


This is the first time I have seen this, so we headed straight back home.

Had a look in the User's Guide on page 106 there was the answer it told
me that there is a problem with the reservoir, infusion set.

I looked at both and all I could see was that the set had some pleats /
folds in it, have not seen this before.

I then looked at the last bolus and it told me 5.3, remember I gave myself
10 units so 5.7 units have not gone in.

I tested my blood sugars and they were 11.3.

So I replaced the infusion set and bolused 5.7 and now  1 hour later my
sugars are 9.0, going down.

To Jenny about her bubble's

I always flick the reservoir with the insulin bottle still connected in the
upsidedown positon.

And watch all the bubble's jump to the top where the needle is.

When I can see no more, I pump out the bubbles in to the bottle and they
rise to the top/bottom of the bottle.

Hope this help you Jenny and my I say I was the same as you for the first
few months.

I am no exspert and will never declare so.

Regards Donald

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