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Re: [IPk] Bubbles

>Does anyone have a foolproof way of getting rid of any
>bubbles in an insulin reservoir?
>I must admit I tend to rush the whole procedure before
>work in the morning, so after a few flicks of the
>reservoir I generally give up. I am using the Minimed
>508, so I fill the reservoirs myself from a vial.

Hi Jenny -

I repeat some advice offered by Tony a few months ago...

* Make sure your insulin bottle is at room temperature, and has been for
several hours. (I basically leave my next bottle out of the fridge. It's
fine like that for a week.) As insulin warms, it releases dissolved air, so
with cold insulin you'll get bubbles no matter how hard you try.

* The next trick is to avoid getting any bubbles in the first place. IT CAN
BE DONE!!! Believe me. The method is to fill the cartridge completely with
air, then push only half of it into the bottle, then very slowly draw the
insulin back into the cartridge - drop by drop by drop. Nurse each drop
tenderly into the cartridge. You can try rotating the piston as you do
this. It seems to break the bubble I unavoidably get by the piston plunger.
Then push some more air into the bottle - not all of it yet - and repeat
the process. And finally push all the air in, and fully fill the cartridge.
Seems to take a long time, but I now find it works very well.

If you get into a fizzing mess, your best bet is to throw the whole thing
into the bin, and start again patiently. Tony has the benefit of being a
doctor, and so has probably been professionally filling syringes for years
- but we too can do it by filling the cartridge really slowly.

Have fun :-)


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