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Re: [IPk] Frustration


Given that you've been pumping for just a couple of weeks, is it possible 
that you are premenstrual now?  I find that I have to increase all of my 
basal rates by .2/hr one week of every month.  I usually take my 
insulin:carb ratio from 1u:15g to 1u:13g as well.  Seems like an 
insignificant amount of insulin when I change my basals and an insignificant 
amount of carb when I adjust the ratios, but the strategy seems to work!

To address a couple of other possibilities: I'd venture there might actually 
have been time for 'that sort of a reaction'--Humalog is potent stuff.  If 
you did have a nighttime hypo, it might have been fast and pretty good, and 
your liver may well have released some glycogen.  However, I don't know 
enough of the mechanics of exactly how and when the body decides how much 
glycogen to release--would one of the medics comment on that?  I'd be 

Also, re the infusion set, I can think of a couple of things:
1) Perhaps the 'old' set did need to be changed and that's at least part of 
why you went high in the first place (poor absorption in an unhappy bit of 
2) How much insulin did you take when you put the new set in?  We had a 
go-round in the listserv some time ago about whether to take .5u, 1u., or 
what, depending upon the kind of set one uses and one's insulin sensitivity. 
  I use the Silhouette/Tender sets and need 1.5u. when I change a set.
3) You could have put the new set in a bit of scar tissue and maybe you're 
getting poor absorption there.

Some combination of any of the above, or perhaps a virus you've caught but 
aren't feeling acutely yet, or even something totally unrelated to any of 
the above, could be what's going on--we all have yucky, inexplicable days 
once in a while!

Lastly, sometimes the only thing that can get my bg down is a really good 
3-mile run.  I tend to drop by about 80mg/dl (4 mmol/L) per mile.

Have courage and remember that diabetes control is an art, though science is 

IDDM 8 years; MiniMed pumper 5+ years.

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