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Re: [IPk] Bubbles

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hello all
> Does anyone have a foolproof way of getting rid of any
> bubbles in an insulin reservoir? 

Rushing is fatal, I find - like photocopiers, kettles, 
and traffic lights, the reservoir knows when you have 
left too little time!

I find it helps to draw up, steadily, more insulin than you have
introduced air - so  when you stop drawing, there is negative pressure
in the bottle.  Then hold dead upright and flick, then lett the plunger 
work itself back up - don't push it.  Any air bubbles should be drawn back 
into the bottle.  Sometimes that doesnt work, in which case pusu the
plunger all the way up, and jiggle it a little at the top to get rid of 
any air bubbles remaining (positive pressure in bottle, now). Hold on for a few
seconds for any air to get out of the insulin.  Then take finger off plunger 
and draw down again.  This time, there should be no air to come, and it 
should be ok.

Always works, except when I'm in a rush, or tiered, or something!

Best wishes to all,

dm 30+, 508 1+, always impatient
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