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[IPk] Frustration

I've been having a very frustrating day with a blood sugar that is just
refusing to drop. This kind of thing has (i.e pre-pump) happened before, but
I'm more than a little frustrated that its happened again now that I am

I know my overnight basals aren't quite right yet, and I'm currently adjusting
every couple of days, but today I woke up with a sugar of 23.2! I've ruled out
a night-hypo, as it was 10 just two hours before that and there simply wasn't
time for that kind of reaction.To rule out pump problem, I took an injection
and changed set, but it still didn't come down. I've been running a vastly
increased basal all day, and bolusing every couple of hours (on advice of
DSN). Sugars still around 16 and still producing ketones.I don't feel ill, and
I'm under no more stress than at any other time this week.

Does this kind of thing happen to other people, or is it just me? I can
honestly think of no reason why it won't come down! Just need some reassurance
that I'm not being a total failure really.

IDDM 18+yrs, Pumper 2 weeks
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