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[IPk] Injection pens v. syringes

>Sasha doesn't do her own injections yet as she find the pen very difficult to
>grip and push the plunger down at the same time.  I am sure she will be able
>to do it soon.

Never understood this one, Jackie. I've tried all the injection pens over
the years - right back to the original NovoPen in 1987 - and I've hated
them all. Too large. Too cumbersome. Too fiddly. On injections, my "kit"
was 2 bottles of insulin, short and long acting, bound together with a
small rubber band, and a disposable syringe (which I might use for a month)
tucked under the rubber band. Drop that in my pocket and off I go...

Diabetes clinics promote pens heavily. But no one has ever been able to
explain why they are better than a syringe.


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