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Re: [IPk] Somebody Must Know.

Well, Mr jms126, I can certainly understand why you are worried!!

However, it sounds like there is only a very outside chance that your heart
is involved. Of course preventing angina is one of the main reasons we try
so hard to keep good control, and angina (which is simply defined by pain
from a heart that is partly deprived of its blood supply) can be strictly
during exercise (i.e. stable) or at other times as well ('unstable' angina).
It sounds very risky, but in fact the people looking after you don't really
think so.

The test for angina is an exercise ECG, where you run on a treadmill while
they record an ECG, looking for changes which indicate the strain of the
heart muscle when it isn't getting enough oxygen. They also watch to see if
you get 'the pain' during the test.

If they are very worried about you, they sugget an angiogram, which is like
an XRay of your heart, with a dye injected into the blood vessels around the
heart first. This shows up any blockages of these vessels, which is how we
get angina in the first place. They don't do this unless they are quite sure
it's angina, because it is just a tiny bit more risky than a normal X Ray.

>From here, you don't seem at much risk, because your pain is not in the
typical place, the timing is not typical, and you are quite young, despite
having diabetes a few years. They've probably looked at all your other risk
factors for blocked arteries such as blood pressure, smoking and
cholesterol, family history and so on. If the weight of risk is low, they
would also be less worried about you.

So my advice is don't worry, and when you get a chance, ask them how likely
they think angina is for you at this pont. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Tony O'Sullivan
a GP/pump user

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> I've asked a couple of questions about this before but i haven't really
had any response. It's been brought into question that i MAY have something
called unstable angina.  No firm diagnosis yet though.  I've been prescribed
beta blockers and a whole host of other magical potions.  I know that
diabetes itself can present deceiving symptoms and I am desperately trying
to convince myself that this is the cause and not anything to do with my
heart etc.  I'm 38 years old had dm for 27 years.  On and off over the past
few years I've had pains in left side of chest and arms.  Over the past few
weeks more significant and more noticable during exercise etc.  however,
also when bloods are doing a slight dance.  Is it possible that I am just
getting a bit more sensative to changes in blood sugars because my control
is tighter? I've had a 24 hr tape done earlier this week and should get
results soon.  What I am really asking is: has anyone else had similar and
then found it to be just !
> there diabetes or neuropathy?
> I know I am a male and should be more robust here, but until I know for
sure what's up, I'm really scared here.  I'm alone with my children and
really have this insane fear that I am not going to wake up one morning.
I'm sorry for banging on about this, but does anyone have any experience of
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