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Re: [IPk] popcorn (gram scales)

Hi yo'all
Lidl here is a very large supermarket with quality foods, often from Germany 
and also local stuff; unusual brands but good quality.Only problem is it 
doesn't usually have the contents listed in carbs.
In addition to food etc they also do weekly specials, which are the same in 
each shop thoughout the country, at the same time.But the stuff is only 
there till its soldout, usually within a few days. The weekly specials come 
in every Thursday AM and here people Q for them!Things like cheap compuetr 
packages, gardening stuff,bike stuff, cookery stuff(gram scales)a different 
theme every week.A new Lidl is soon opening  here bigger than the old 
one,and there is another one in neighbouring town, they seem to be 
growing.You could perhaps try ringing their HQ for idea of when scales come 
round again( they do many of their specials once a year, repeating same 
offers).The make of the scales I bought is MBO International Electronic AG 
Germany D 1000 diet scale,2 year gaurantee,1 g gradations, it tells 
calories/kilojoules/carbos/protein/fat/saturated fat/sodium/cholesterol 
although we only use it for carbs and runs on a 9v battery, which lasts 
about 3 months.

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>Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:02:30 +0100
>Lidl supermarkets sell very cheap ranges of stuff that hasn't sold well
>elsewhere.  I assume a lot of stuff comes from Germany.  Our Lidl in
>Cheltenham is very run down but it is near a car park I use often so I pop 
>every now and again and sometimes you can find a bargain.  I dont know if
>other shops else where are better.
>The staff in our are very few and usually only one check out is open and 
>staff are hostile and grumpy.  I am always afraid to buy the food cos the 
>it so run down but some friends who are quite well enough off to shop
>elsewhere buy a lot of stuff from there and reckon it very good.
>I think they tend to have stuff in and when it's sold out that's it. They
>don't order anything in it's just what they get cheap.
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> > I love the sound of these carb-counting scales but I have
> > obviously led a sheltered life - what is lidl?  I searched
> > the web and came up with an online site in German.  Sadly my
> > O'level German from 20 years ago didn't help me much with
> > trying to translate carb counting scales!
> >
> > Bev
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