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[IPk] Re: Flights, holidays and Live on BBC.

I got my first pump at Guys as part of a trial run by Prof Harry Keene back 
in 1982 - I was with Dr Martin Wiseman. It was part of a research project to 
try and prove that better control meant less complications. The actual 
project lasted 5 years and the results were, apparently unconclusive. The 
pump was a Mill Hill infuser and you had to dilute insulin with saline. It 
was about 4 times the size of my Minimed 506, cased in metal but changed my 
Since then I have had pumps from Nova and Grazeby prior to getting the 
Minimed. For about the first 9 years Guys supplied all the consumables (as 
well as the pumps) and in return I did several other research projects for 
them. My kidneys have had more function tests than most and I had a series 
of brain scans with different sugar levels to measure what happens at 
different levels. I did get some wonderful 3D pictures of my brain - the 
surprise was it actually was there and working!
Hope that helps.
Best wishes,

Ian Grant

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