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Re: [IPk] Bananas; glycemic index (was 'popcorn')

>About that banana, keep in mind that lots of people have "trigger foods."
>Bananas have always been a trigger food for me--if I'm having a hypo, a banana
>fixes it fast, but I avoid them on a daily basis.  I find apples much easier
>to deal with (good thing I like them!).

Hi Melissa -

Thanks for giving it a name... "trigger foods".

I can easily accept that we all individually have a different BG response
to various foods, and it is our job to discover them - by trial and error.
I'm also told that some carbs in some meals may pass straight through us
undigested. My DSN, who uses a pump herself, tells me that in practice we
all eat a limited selection of foods - the contents of our shopping trolley
is not that different each week. And she simply "knows" how much insulin to
take for that large bowl of cereal, or that can of baked beans etc. It's
all part of the learning process.

I also adore popcorn. At home I put my big frying pan on the stove, very
hot, chuck in some oil, and a handful of corn, put the heavy lid on, pop
pop pop - takes about 90 secs. Then I chuck it in a large plastic bowl. And
sprinkle sugar on top. Can't imagine why anyone would use a microwave :-)

At the cinema, it is de rigeur. Medium sized bucket of the sweet fresh
stuff. I'd probably take 4 units up front, then another 2 after the film.


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