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Re: [IPk] popcorn (gram scales)

No way , that's so stupid ... i thought we were VAT exempt when purchasing stuff to do with the care, control and management of our diabetes.

Just out of interest how much do carb counting scales cost?

I've never heard weighing my food before, i've only just started looking at the labels on food.
I need to start carb counting to improve my control.


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On 24/04/2002 at 10:35 Katharine Bock wrote:

>At lidl?  I'm there!  I bought some carb counting gram scales from
>Diabetes mall in the US, they cost a fortune and got impounded by the
>customs/ the Post Office who charged me VAT and goodness knows what
>else.  But (having got over the overdraft) they are brilliant for me
>because my most favourite food of all is french bread, cut off the loaf. 
>I always hated having to pre-portion my bread, but my scales let me ad
>lib it, chunk by chunk, just like a "normal person"!. 
>>Tell me if you see these scales at Lidl or anywhere else as I would love
>some. >I did buy a set of digital gram scales they I thought were a very
>expensive >buy at the time but now I dont know how we would do without
>them. The scales >you mentioned, I have been looking for a set like that
>but have had no luck. >They only seemed to sell them in the US or else
>where. One that would tell >you the carb count would be brilliant. >
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