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Re: [IPk] 4 vs 2 injections

Zoe wrote:
It is possible to give an extra dose of insulatard in the morning as well as
nightime to stop bgs rising before meals - something my GP suggested to me
but I never got round to trying.
Does anyone do this?

Hi Zoe -

Yes, of course it is possible. You need to be aware of the action curves of 
the insulin, and you will probably need slightly less insulin split between 
the two shots. Quite a lot of people do this, and for the expert user 
advice, I'd refer you to the Diabetes Support list, which is managed by 
Diabetes Insight. I believe the URL is http://www.diabetic.org.uk. I am a 
lurker on that list - it's got more traffic than this does, but it will also 
have people who are on an MDI regime that includes two shots of Insulatard a 


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