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Re: [IPk] More on Air travel

Hi Pat,

Re food on planes in the US: Southwest Airlines, a low-cost carrier, doesn't
serve meals, but they are usually pretty generous with packets of "snack mix",
cookies, and peanuts.  On especially short flights there's usually just a
beverage-and-peanuts service, but on slightly longer ones the other stuff is
available.  You are welcome to take your own food on a Southwest flight.  Most
other airlines do have a real food service of some sort, but they don't really
mind if you have some of your own food.

If you're booking your trip through a travel agent, ask him or her what
meal(s) the airline claims it will be serving on each of the flights you're
scheduling.  Sabre, the central air travel database thingy, has all of that
information.  Or you can call the airline you're flying and ask them what's
being served.  If you phone to make the arrangements, you should be asked if
you require a special meal (name any preference/restriction you can think of!)
when you make your booking if there is supposed to be foodservice.

Good luck!

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of once every six weeks fall 2000-late summer 2001.Get more from the Web.
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