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Re: [IPk] Re: Flights, holidays and Live on BBC.

Hi Ian

It was a shame that Prof. john Pickup was not more positive but there you go,
still the pump got more publicity.

And how nice to read of someone who has had D for so many years and is doing
so well.

Ian, what were the first pumps like and how did you manage to get one then?
Did you get it here in the UK?

Mum of Sasha aged 7 diabetic for over 3 years now.

> Anyway, the real point of this posting is to encourage everyone to be
> positive not just with their pumps (those of us lucky enough to have them)
> but with their diabetes generally. It seems some of us get depressed and
> hacked off with the situation. Do not despair - for every sad tale there is
> a happy one! As I approach my 51st birthday with 33 years of diabetes and 20
> years pumping, I feel great, do not need glasses, enjoy life to the full and
> can still drink my work colleagues under the table. What more can you ask
> for? And no, I do not need Viagra although a non-diabetic friend asked if I
> could obtain it on prescription (I understand I can) as it has a huge
> financial value!
> Best wishes,
> Ian Grant
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