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[IPk] Bananas; glycemic index (was 'popcorn')


About that banana, keep in mind that lots of people have "trigger foods."
Bananas have always been a trigger food for me--if I'm having a hypo, a banana
fixes it fast, but I avoid them on a daily basis.  I find apples much easier
to deal with (good thing I like them!).

Also, you may wish to read up on the glycemic index.  The glycemic index has
been debated a lot in the past few years: some people maintain that the only
way they can get good control is to eat low-glycemic index foods, while others
claim that it's poor carb-counting that causes high bgs and the glycemic index
is irrelevant.  My position is that people with diabetes should do whatever
works for them and that--as this is an art, not a science--the food that
causes one person no problems could be disastrous for someone else, and that's
just the way it is.

I have had friends with diabetes who couldn't eat pasta, some for whom pizza
was a distinct no-no, and I've known others for whom Chinese food was
impossible; none of those is a particular problem for me.  But a slice of good
American cheesecake (which I eat probably 4 times a year) can keep my bgs high
for 8-12 hours!  I figured out last year that setting a dual bolus for 6 units
(3 "now"; 3 more over 4 hours) keeps me from serious trouble, but I still have
to think hard about whether the cheesecake is worth it.

Ultimately, it's no use making hard-and-fast rules about what foods are "good"
and "bad"--we wouldn't insist that someone with a pineapple allergy eat fruit
salad because it's a "healthy" dessert; why should people with diabetes be
told that they "can" and "can't" eat certain things as long as bgs and weight
are all right, one's exercising regularly, and one is mindful of the fat and
carbs involved?  I don't condone eating junk food all the time because it's
low in fibre, high in fat and salt, and practically vitamin-free, but the
occasional slice of pie may prevent a more problematic "whole-pie-in-one-go"

So there ;) !

Good luck,

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