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RE: [IPk] popcorn

other books include the glucose revolution with tables in for all sorts of 
'raw ' foods, the pocket pancreas( with a handy size tabel that fits in your 
hand bag - if you would like a copy of the table I can send you one _ tel me 
on 01462 626695) and really useful digital scales for calorie counting - you 
can weigh things such as grapes, in grammes and then the scales will tell 
you their carb content( once a year Lidl sell these at about #14, price in 
chain stores #20-30), run on a battery.

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>Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 21:18:44 +0100
>You might find the Collins Gem Calorie Counter (ISBN 0-00-472470-4)
>worth a look.  It's only #3.99 and almost small enough to carry around
>in a pocket or handbag.
>A couple of examples:
>Apples, eating, average, raw:   11.8g carb per 100g
>Popcorn, plain:                         48.6g carb per 100g
>It also lists calories, protein, fat & fibre.
>I think you'll find it in most bookshops.
>See what you think.
>Parent of Sam, age 8, pumping 8 months
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>On Monday 22 Apr 2002 3:51 pm, Caroline Batistoni wrote:
> > On the subject of cooking from scratch, I need to tighten up my carb
> > counting, which has got pretty sloppy. I cook a lot of things from
> > and this is where I have trouble working out carbs. Does anyone know
>of any
> > good books that give values for basic foods, rather than prepared
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