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Re: [IPk] popcorn

On Monday 22 Apr 2002 3:51 pm, Caroline Batistoni wrote:

> On the subject of cooking from scratch, I need to tighten up my carb
> counting, which has got pretty sloppy. I cook a lot of things from scratch
> and this is where I have trouble working out carbs. Does anyone know of any
> good books that give values for basic foods, rather than prepared meals?

I would love to know that too. I got a real shock last week - since diagnosis 
17 years ago I have worked on the assumption that most fruits (apple, orange 
etc) were about 10g of carb.  Then after eating a meal including a banana my 
GS soared - on checking I find that it's more likely to be about 30g! A book 
that told me the carb value of fruits/veg per gram of weight, for instance, 
would be wonderful. My kitchen scales would get a lot more use. :)

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