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Re: [IPk] Lumps and bumps

> Hi
> I have developed a lump at my previous infusion site.  It is
> about the size of a large marble, very hard but not at all
> painful.  I did ask my GP to take a look in case it was an
> abscess but he felt it wasn't as I had no pain.  Has anyone
> else had this problem?  It only developed after I changed the
> site (unless I am very unobservant) but it is quite
> pronounced.  At the moment I am assuming it is similar to the
> lumps I used to get occasionally when injecting (only
> larger).  It isn't bothering me (fortunately I don't model
> swimwear!) but I would like to know how to avoid any more.

A number of people have reported developing lumps at infusion sites 
when they have a sensitivity to the insulin they use. You might try 
switching to another type of insulin and see if the problem subsides.

for example, if you use NovoRapid, switch to Humalog or 
if you use Humalog, switch to NovoRapid

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