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Re: [IPk] Pump holidays

I'm probably not the best person to reply to this since I've only had my
pump a week, but nevermind.

I just thought it was interesting that Pat mentioned two failures with Quick
sets as I have had the opposite problem - I cannot get on with sof-sets. One
actually fell right out of my stomach within an hour or so. Could I be doing
something catastrophically wrong with these sets? Don't have any problems
with Quicksets.

As for the guard, all the ones I've had so far have been unattached
(admittedly only four Quicksets!)  My nurse specialist says its not a
problem. After all, the needle is still sterile and is still protected,
because the packaging still holds the guard round the needle. Apparently the
main reason for the guard being attached is to stop you sticking yourself,
or anyone else, with the needle before you are ready to insert it.

Pumper for one week (so take anything I say with extreme caution!)

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Subject: [IPk] Pump holidays

> Dear Zoe,
> Over the last five days, I have had three sets fail. Aaagh.  I just want
> to give up pumping right now, and never see the bloody thing again.  But
> (and it's a but of galactic proportions).  There is no alternative, for
> me.  MDI just didn't work.  Having to miss an important pre-meeting on
> Wednesday, feeling very groggy as I tried to do research on Thursday,
> and today had to miss a tour of a historic house, and worry family and
> friends who didn't really understand what was going on is nothing
> compared to the inconvenience of the random morning blood glucoses on
> mdi.
> So, if for you the pump is a matter of convenience, not last resort, I
> don't see why you shouldn't use mdi on occasion, if that's more
> convenient on occasion.
> About the set failures.  The first one was my second trial with a
> quickset.  Just like the first trial, it failed after a few hours, and
> when I removed it the cannula was bent in the middle (i.e. not blocked
> enough to set off an alarm, just enough to push my bg over 20).  I have
> had this problem with hand-inserted sof-sets, too, but never with sof-
> serter inserted ones, until this morning.
> One thing I did note is that both the quicksets needle guards had come
> off.  The occasionally do with the sof-sets, too - this morning's
> failure was one where the guard had come off.
> Have other people noticed this?  Should sets be used where the needle
> guard has fallen off in transit?
> Do other people have problems with inserting the quicksets?  I have a
> very tough stomach - pushing a sof-set needle on it by hand usually just
> causes a big dent in my stomach - the needle doesn't go in, unless I
> wiggle it around a bit - and that seems to be what causes the bending in
> the pipe - I've tried four or five times, and only once has it worked
> properly!
> I'm not sure that I want to persevere with trying the quickset: it does
> seem to irritate my skin less, but I don't like the fact that I can't
> see the point where the cannula enters the skin.
> Best wishes to all,
> Pat
> dm 30+, 508 1 year+, would like a miniature camera to put down the
> needle hole to see if the pipe has kinked or not!
>  In message <004a01c1e846$a5f2ebc0$email @ redacted>, Zoe
> <email @ redacted> writes
> >Hi all,
> >
> >Has anyone ever taken a pump "holiday" ?
> >
> >I'm sure the very idea will shock most/some of you but I found it really
> >hard to cope with having the pump on holiday last year (being in and out
> >the pool all day, going to the beach and wearing a bikini etc), I just
> >didn't have the sense of freedom that I want on my 3 weeks off.
> >
> >So, I am considering a 3 week break, going back to MDI for this period,
> >anyone have any advice/experience of this (other than NO Don't do it!!!)
> >
> >thanks,
> >Zoe
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