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Re: [IPk] 4 vs 2 injections

Hi Tony

I have read about implantable pumps and I am sure this may be something that
might be used in the near future but I was just thinking  (the sometimes
negative person I am) that what if you were in an accident and the pump was
damaged and suddenly there a whole vial or cartridge of insulin sloshing
around inside you!  I was thinking maybe it's still better, though maybe not
quite the same psychologically, to have it on the outside where it can be
removed.  Of course a sensor that was linked to an external pump and released
the right amount of insulin at the right time would be wonderful.

It would of course be brilliant if something like islet cell therapy was found
to be the answer and was available to all those who needed it.  I still think
we may be waiting a long time on this one.
Anyway mean while we will carry on doing the best we can trying to stay


 >Now we have implanatable pumps, several long-term in-dwelling glucose
> sensors under trial, and the question is no longer if, but how soon. Even if
> a suitably small sensor to drive an external or implantable pump can't be
> found, we will have islet cell therapy as many people around the world
> already enjoy. I'm going to the ADA meeting in June, so I'll have a lot more
> information then. Meanwhile, stay positive.
> Tony
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