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[IPk] Airline advice needed in a hurry!!!


Can anyone out there give me any information on airline travel from the UK to 
the US with a pump---specifically, with the hypodermic needles/syringes used 
with the Minimed? I have always taken several on board the plane with me as 
carry-on whenever I travel anywhere, especially long overseas flights (11+ 
hours to California), just in case there is any problem with my pump and I 
should need a tubing change. I realize now that there are new regulations in 
place regarding needles post 9/11.

American Airlines in the UK (Heathrow) has informed me that they will allow 
diabetics to bring on needles up to 1 inch long, provided you have a doctor's 
prescription for them. The problem for me is I have never had a prescription 
for my pump consumables, as they are not covered by the NHS and I have always 
paid for them myself. Hence, no prescription. My supplier in the UK, Applied 
Medical Technologies, tells me there is nothing they can do, as they can't 
provide prescriptions.

I leave on Wednesday for LA, and I'm getting a little worried now. I really 
hate the thought of traveling without backup supplies----and the thought of 
the airline "misplacing" the supplies I'm bringing for a month-long trip, 
which I would have to check in with my luggage, really scares me. Any advice 

Also, can anyone tell me about the return trip situation---what is the US 
side like? I've read that they don't require prescriptions (as these can be 
forged), but only an insulin bottle with the doctor's name on it. Is that 
still true? Does that mean hypodermic needles are acceptable?

I would really greatly appreciate any advice from you diabetic jetsetters out 
there! Help!!!! Thanks so much!!!

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