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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #82

In a message dated 4/20/2002 9:42:31 AM GMT Daylight Time, Zoe writes:

> Has anyone ever taken a pump "holiday" ?
> I'm sure the very idea will shock most/some of you but I found it really
> hard to cope with having the pump on holiday last year (being in and out of
> the pool all day, going to the beach and wearing a bikini etc), I just
> didn't have the sense of freedom that I want on my 3 weeks off.
> So, I am considering a 3 week break, going back to MDI for this period, does
> anyone have any advice/experience of this (other than NO Don't do it!!!) ?
> thanks,
> Zoe

Hi Zoe,
Yes, I've taken a "pump holiday" - but mainly because of problems with the 
pump on holiday! - whatever I tried, I just could not get the pump or 
dressing adhesives to stick because of the very hot weather and ensuing 
perspiration.  So I went back to MDI for the holiday.  The only problem I had 
was the once again awful control, certainly a good reminder for me of the 
difference the pump has made, but after all it was only for a couple of 

I recall this was discussed at this site last year, if anybody has any tips 
for this year I'd be very grateful!

(IDDM 30 yrs, pumper 17 months - where has the time gone!)
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