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[IPk] pump break

If the disadvantages of a pump outweigh the advantages in this particular
scenario, have a break
If you can have reasonable BG on injection therapy, so you are not hyper/
hypo all the time, then take advantage of this
The pump is not supposed to be a prison sentence, it's a tool to enhance
your health and quality of life
Would you consider pump overnight and injections just to cover the day time
for convenience with swimming etc. ( probabley soluble alone would be

With me, I have such appalling memories of injection therapy, I would be
very reluctant to go back to NPH or other long acting, but would possibley
consider the above ( I would probabley use actrapid or velosulin to cover
during the day and would substitute pump basal rates on a 4-6 hourly basis +
insulin for carb eaten- I have never actually tried this but assume it would
work reasonabley well)
I went to the beach with a friend last summer. I was not organised. The car
park was a fair distance from the beach and I would not consider
disconnecting and even leaving my pump in a locked car, let alone hiding it
on a beach. A bit of organisation and a pen with actrapid ( probably leaving
pump at home) would have been an advantage here. Yes the pump does have a
few restrictions .
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