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Re: [IPk] Any Suggestions?

>My Bms have been very good recently.  Between 4 and 8 with an occassional
>high or low.  My wake up BM is usually the best.  I noticed this morning
>that it was 12.8.  i took a correction of 2 units.  Mid morning it was
>14.4.   changed the infusion set.  2 Unit correction and 1 unit to fill
>the cannula. Between then and now (5.30pm)I have ranged between 13 & 15
>with testing being done hourly.  I have taken 2 unit corrections 3 times
>this afternoon and don't seem to be having much luck.  I had a slight
>infection at the end of last week but no probs with BMs.  Can anyone shed
>any light on this?

Julian - I'm inclined to say that's life. Be grateful for the good times,
and make cautious adjustments as necessary when things don't go so well.
But just because you are no longer showing symptoms doesn't mean the body
isn't still fighting the infection.

I also inject corrections if I am not totally sure of the infusion set.


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