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[IPk] 4 vs 2 injections

Just think of it as a step in the right direction
4 injections is infinitely better than 2 as:
there is a little more flexibility regarding when and how much to eat
although snacks will almost certainly be needed to balance the long acting
this may be a means to help resolve nocturnal hypos by moving the long
acting insulin to a later time
if blood glucose is too high or too low at one particular time of day it is
relatively easy to correct this by adjusting an individual dose rather than
( if you use premixed insulin) having to wait for a prescription for a
different mix

it allows you to practice carbohydrate counting ie experimenting  with
different amounts of carb and insulin doses, which is an essential tool for
successful pump use

It gives you , as the patient more overall control rather than being at the
mercy of an unphysiological means of insulin substitution

If you have given a multiple injection regimen a trial and stll not achieved
good control, or only achieved it at the cost of frequent /severe hypos or
inflexibiliy, all the more justification to progress to a pump !!
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