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Re: [IPk] overnight ketones & dodgy A1c

Insulin acts as an inhibitor to ketone production. It is not the high bg 
which causes ketone production, but rather the lack of sufficient insulin. 
Therefore, it would be most unusual for ketones to be produced after a high 
carb meal if you had bolused your insulin, and this in spite of a high 
after-meal bg.

Also, remember that any ketones present in your urine will be the result of 
what has occurred several hours earlier. Ideally, you should test for ketones 
in the blood. Ask your diabetes centre if they have the MediSense Optium 
meter which can measure both glucose and blood ketones. If they have, perhaps 
you could borrow it for a time.

Everybody has a certain amount of ketones present which does vary between 
individuals. The normal amount for most people is too low for the urine 
sticks. They are not sensitive enough. The Optium meter will actually give 
you a digital reading of the ketone concentration.

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